Red flag on the Lagos-Calabar Highway, Tinubu's personal business – Atiku

 Red flag on the Lagos-Calabar Highway, Tinubu's personal business – Atiku

"Instead of working on the simplicity of carrying on with work, the Tinubu organization had displayed to the world that his private concern interest and that of his family would constantly be focused on far beyond public interest." Atiku The People's Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate for 2023, Atiku Abubakar, has voiced his displeasure at the lack of proper notification regarding the demolition of properties in the Oniru corridor, which includes portions of the landmark building in Lagos State as well as tourist and recreational attractions, to make way for the Coastal Highway.

As per Atiku, the Tinubu-drove government's awful decision with respect to the Lagos-Calabar Parkway is one of the significant explanations for Nigeria's ceaseless inability to attract unfamiliar direct venture.

Paul Ibe, Atiku's media adviser, issued a statement on Sunday claiming that the only people responsible for the Coastal Highway project moving more quickly are President Bola Tinubu and Gilbert Chagoury, owner of Hitech.

Atiku added that procurement regulations were broken when the contract was awarded. He further featured that the contribution of President Bola Tinubu's child and his partners on the sheets of organizations having a place with Gilbert Chagoury presents a reasonable irreconcilable circumstance.

He expressed, "The way that President Bola Tinubu's child and his substitutes are on the leading body of organizations claimed by Gilbert Chagoury is an irreconcilable circumstance.

"Tinubu’s son, Seyi, is a director on the board of CDK Integrated Industries, a subsidiary of the Chagoury Group that manufactures ceramic tiles and sanitary towels," the former Vice President stated.

According to a portion of the statement, "The former Vice President restated that it has become obvious even to the undiscerning that the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway is being done in a hurry solely because of the business relationship between Tinubu and Gilbert Chagoury, the owner of Hitech, the contractor that was awarded the contract for the highway project in violation of the laws governing procurement," It is on record that this task is the most costly single undertaking at any point left upon by the Nigerian government.

A red flag is that it occurs at a time when Nigeria is experiencing its worst economic crisis ever.

“To make matters worse, this project, which is costing more than $13 billion, was awarded without a competitive bidding process. From all signs, the supposed Badagry-Sokoto roadway would be granted much the same way at a tremendous expense for citizens absolutely in light of the fact that Tinubu has put his advantage in front of the Nigerian public."

"Atiku said the destruction of vacationer and sporting offices and different properties inside the Oniru hall, including portions of Milestone, without adequate notification, is one reason unfamiliar direct ventures keep on escaping the country.
He argued that the Tinubu administration "had shown to the world that his personal business interest and that of his family would always be prioritized over and above national interest, rather than improving the ease of doing business."

Atiku noticed that financial backers notice the treatment of neighborhood organizations and would keep away from locales where their ventures need assurance.

The previous PDP official applicant encouraged , "Tinubu has been globetrotting looking for unfamiliar direct ventures. He claims to have obtained over $30 billion from a variety of businesses, but none have responded. Rather, all assembling firms have been posting weighty misfortunes while an are leaving because of his ineffectively carried out swapping scale unification strategy with even Aliko Dangote depicting it as an enormous wreck at the new yearly regular gathering of Dangote Sugar Treatment facility.

"The IMF in its most recent report expressed that Nigeria will before the year's over become the fourth biggest economy in Africa behind South Africa, Egypt and Algeria, an offensive improvement for a country which was the biggest in Africa by a mile when the PDP left the stage in 2015.

"Financial backers are perceiving the way in which nearby organizations are being dealt with and won't come to where their ventures won't be secured. Businesses like Landmark would have had at least two years' notice in calmer climates to plan well. In any case, Tinubu's enthusiasm to fulfill his colleagues disabled his capacity to appropriately organize the task.

"The granting of the Lagos-Calabar waterfront interstate was surged; the natural effect evaluation report was not even finished; the option to proceed for the 700 km stretch of the interstate undertaking was not gotten; In the blink of an eye, it changed from a PPP to a government-funded project. The N500m that was supported by the Public Gathering for the venture was disregarded, while over N1tn was let by Tinubu's organization without endorsement out of the Public Get together."

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