Dandizzy, odumodublvck and Jeriq opress | odumodublvuk opress|jeriq opress .

 Dandizzy, odumodublvck and Jeriq opress | odumodublvuk opress|jeriq opress . 

Dandizzy, odumodublvck and Jeriq
Finally, the track “Opress” is a powerful testament to the fusion of odumodublvck, jeriq and dtg. It is all about overcoming whatever life may throw your way. Through a hit-making club anthem, “Opress” seizes up the clap-and takes your mind off your troubles completely.

With its catchy chorus and infectious melody, “Opress” is just one of those tracks that you can't help but love instantly. Giving “different expressions ” at the same time as flowing smoothly together in this song Dandizzy, odumodublvck and Jeriq each play to their own strengths–but what really determines the overall impression is how well they work as a body. #Whatever happens, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make it, or even worse try dragging down If it's holding back, “Opress” is a song that urges listeners to hang tough--to keep struggling forward and never let anything or anyone slow them down.

The lyrics of “Opress” are simple, close to life.

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